Altech® UL508 Manual Motor Controller
Introducng a new and improved version of Altech's industry-leading UL508

With Six Trip curves, Altech has the Largest Selection in the Industry!

Altech introduces a new version of its industry-leading UL508 manual motor controllers.  This new miniature circuit breaker incorporates a reinforced housing for improved durability, offers both box and ring tongue terminals as standard, and includes a clear cover for easily tagging the circuit.  This latest version maintains the UL listing using the same internals and materials.

These breakers can deliver reliable performance in a wide range of applications, including motors, appliances, lighting, wiring protection, transformers, power supplies, industrial controls, and semiconductors, among others. 

Applications include: AC Motor Starting - Across the line, AC General use, Ac resistance, Ac discharge lamps (ballast), AC incandescent lamps (tungsten)

Additional Information

The breakers are offered in 6 trip curves and in ampere ratings from 0.3-60A with voltage ratings of 480Y/277VAC and 24-80VDC, depending on the breaker configuration.  They are compact at 17.5mm wide per pole and are available in 1, 2, and 3 poles.  All are designed for easy DIN rail mounting.

Altech was the first and remains the leader in the U.S. market for UL508 manual motor controllers.  Only Altech offers three UL ratings (489, 508, and 1077) to provide users with a variety of cost-effective solutions to satisfy particular application requirements.  All circuit breakers in the Altech family are CE certified and RoHS compliant.

In today’s very competitive marketplace you need reliability, so you need to use circuit breakers that are high quality and technically correct for your application. Altech is a US leader in DIN rail mounted breakers with ratings up to 63A. Only Altech offers DIN rail mounted breakers that meet UL489, UL508 or UL1077 approvals with a short circuit interrupt capacity of up to 10kA. No other manufacturer offers this complete line. This assures you the right product for your application requirements.